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Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla - ICMS

The Institute of Materials Science (ICMS) was created in 1986. In 1996, it moved to new premises at the Isla de la Cartuja, combining with two other Mixed Institutes to make up the Isla de la Cartuja Scientific Research Centre (Junta de Andalucia - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Universidad de Sevilla). The Institute comprises three research units housed in the building at the Isla de la Cartuja and an external unit at the Physics Faculty on the Reina Mercedes campus. Today it incorporates research groups of CSIC and the University of Seville. The aim of these groups is to unite efforts in various areas of solid-state physics and chemistry, physical chemistry of surfaces, and other related disciplines of materials science. Such activity seeks to contribute to scientific development within the Research Plans of both regional and state authorities, and their EU equivalents, in the field of materials science and technology.


Organization Chart


Deputy Director

Director: Dr. Juan Pedro Espinós Manzorro
Vicedirectora: Dra. Anna Dimitrova Penkova


Institute Board

Director y Presidente de la Junta de Instituto: Dr.Juan Pedro Espinós Manzorro
Vicedirectora del Instituto: Dra. Anna Dimitrova Penkova

Representante U.I. Catalysis for Environment and Energy: Dr. Juan Pedro Holgado Vázquez
Representante U.I. Engineered Ceramics for Exterme Environments: Dra. María Dolores Alba Carranza
Representante U.I. Mechanochemistry and Reactivity of Materials: Dr. Luis A. Pérez Maqueda
Representante U.I. Nanostructured Functional Materials: Dr.  Angel Barranco Quero
Representante U.I. Optical Materials: Dr. Hernán R. Míguez García
Representante External Unit Physics of Materials: Dr. Jhon J. Ipus Bados
Representante del Profesorado de plantilla de la Universidad de Sevilla: Dra. Svetlana Ivanova Lyubomirova
Representante del Personal Científico de plantilla del CSIC: Dr. Juan Carlos Sánchez López
Representante del Personal No Profesorado y No Científico de Plantilla: D. Juan Carlos Martín Sánchez


Infraestructure Commission

Dra. María Dolores Alba Carranza - Dr. Angel Barranco Quero - Dr. Juan Pedro Holgado Vázquez -  Dr. Hernán R. Míguez García - Dr. Luis A. Pérez Maqueda 


PRL Commission

Dra. Ana I. Borrás Martos - Dr. Miguel Angel Avilés Escaño - Dr. Miguel Angel Centeno Gallego - Dr. Juan Pedro Espinós Manzorro - Dra. María del Carmen Jiménez de Haro - Dr. Gabriel Lozano Barbero - Dra. Anna Penkova - Dra. Florencia Vattier Lagarrique


Space Commission (Offices)

Dra. Anna Dimitrova Penkova - Dra.Svetlana Ivanova -  Dr. Hernán Míguez García - Dr. Angel Barranco Quero - Dr. Juan Pedro Holgado Vázquez


Annual Report & Web Commission

Dr. Gerardo Colón Ibáñez - Dr. Francisco J. Gotor Martínez -  Dra. Svetlana Ivanova - Dr. Pedro J. Sánchez Soto


Scientific Dissemination Commission

Dr. Mauricio Calvo Roggiani  - Dr. Juan Pedro Holgado Vázquez - Dra. Rosalía Poyato Galán - Dra. Cristina Rojas Ruiz - Dr. Juan Ramón Sánchez Valencia