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Pt vs. Au in water-gas shift reaction

Castano, MG; Reina, TR; Ivanova, S; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Journal of Catalysis, 314 (2014) 1-9

Viability of Au/CeO2-ZnO/Al2O3 Catalysts for Pure Hydrogen Production by the Water-Gas Shift Reaction

Reina, TR; Ivanova, S; Delgado, JJ; Ivanov, I; Idakiev, V; Tabakova, T; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
ChemCatChem, 6 (2014) 1401-1409

Excellent photocatalytic activity of Yb3+, Er3+ co-doped BiVO4 photocatalyst

Obregon, S.; Colon, G.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 152-153 (2014) 328-334

A General Perspective of the Characterization and Quantification of Nanoparticles: Imaging, Spectroscopic, and Separation Techniques

Lapresta-Fernandez, A; Salinas-Castillo, A; de la Llana, SA; Costa-Fernandez, JM; Dominguez-Meister, S; Cecchini, R; Capitan-Vallvey, LF; Moreno-Bondi, MC; Marco, MP; Sanchez-Lopez, JC; Anderson, IS
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, 39 (2014) 423-458

Production of hydrogen by water photo-splitting over commercial and synthesised Au/TiO2 catalysts

Mendez, JAO; Lopez, CR; Melian, EP; Diaz, OG; Rodriguez, JMD; Hevia, DF; Macias, M
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 147 (2014) 439-452

Could an efficient WGS catalyst be useful in the CO-PrOx reaction?

Reina, TR; Papadopoulou, E; Palma, S; Ivanova, S; Centeno, MA; Ioannides, T; Odriozola, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 150-151 (2014) 554-563

Correlation study between photo-degradation and surface adsorption properties of phenol and methyl orange on TiO2 Vs platinum-supported TiO2

Murcia, JJ; Hidalgo, MC; Navio, JA; Arana, J; Dona-Rodriguez, JM
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 150-151 (2014) 107-115

Impregnation of carbon black for the examination of colloids using TEM

Gontard, LC; Knappett, BR; Wheatley, AEH; Chang, SLY; Fernandez, A
Carbon, 76 (2014) 464-468

Improved H2 production of Pt-TiO2/g-C3N4-MnOx composites by an efficient handling of photogenerated charge pairs

Obregon, S; Colon, G
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 144 (2014) 775-782

Effect of the type of acid used in the synthesis of titania–silica mixed oxides on their photocatalytic properties

Llano, B; Hidalgo, MC; Rios, LA; Navio, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 150-151 (2014) 389-395

Low Temperature Production of Formaldehyde from Carbon Dioxide and Ethane by Plasma-Assisted Catalysis in a Ferroelectrically Moderated Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor

Gomez-Ramirez, A; Rico, VJ; Cotrino, J; Gonzalez-Elipe, A; Lambert, RM
ACS Catalysis, 4 (2014) 402-408

In situ XAS study of an improved natural phosphate catalyst for hydrogen production by reforming of methane

Abba, MO; Gonzalez-DelaCruz, VM; Colon, G; Sebti, S; Caballero, A
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 150-151 (2014) 459-465

Effect of gold on a NiLaO3 perovskite catalyst for methane steam reforming

Palma, S; Bobadilla, LF; Corrales, A; Ivanova, S; Romero-Sarria, F; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 144 (2014) 846-854

Direct evidence of Lowenstein's rule violation in swelling high-charge micas

Pavon, E; Osuna, FJ; Alba, MD; Delevoye, L
Chemical Communications, 53 (2014) 6984-6986

Biomechanical properties of the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit cuticle during development are modulated by changes in the relative amounts of its components

Espana, L; Heredia-Guerrero, JA; Segado, P; Benitez, JJ; Heredia, A; Dominguez, E
New Phytologist, 202 (3) (2014) 790-802

Dye sensitized solar cells as optically random photovoltaic media

Galvez, FE; Barnes, PRF; Halme, J; Miguez, H
Energy & Environmental Science, 6 (2014) 1260-1266



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