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O-2-assisted Water Gas Shift reaction over structured Au and Pt catalysts

Gonzalez-Castano, M; Reina, TR; Ivanova, S; Tejada, LMM; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Enviromental, 185 (2016) 337-343

Perspectives on oblique angle deposition of thin films: From fundamentals to devices

Barranco, A; Borras, A; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR; Palmero, A
Progress in Materials Science, 78 (2016) 59-153

Photocatalytic removal of patent blue V dye on Au-TiO2 and Pt-TiO2 catalysts

Vaiano, V; Iervolino, G; Sannino, D; Murcia, JJ; Hidalgo, MC; Ciambelli, P; Navio, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 188 (2016) 134-146

Integration of Photonic Crystals into Flexible Dye Solar Cells: A Route toward Bendable and Adaptable Optoelectronic Devices Displaying Structural Color and Enhanced Efficiency

Li, YL; Calvo, ME; Miguez, H
Advanced Optical Materials, 4 (2016) 464-471

Hot-pressing of (Ti,Mt)(C,N)-Co-Mo2C (Mt = Ta,Nb) powdered cermets synthesized by a mechanically induced self-sustaining reaction

Chicardi, E; Gotor, FJ; Medri, V; Guicciardi, S; Lascano, S; Cordoba, JM
Chemical Engineering Journal, 292 (2016) 51-61

Optofluidic Modulation of Self-Associated Nanostructural Units Forming Planar Bragg Microcavities

Oliva-Ramirez, M; Barranco, A; Loffler, M; Yubero, F; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR
ACS Nano, 10 (2016) 1256-1264

Optical analysis of CH3NH3SnxPb1−xI3 absorbers: a roadmap for perovskite-on-perovskite tandem solar cells

Anaya, M.; Correa-Baena, J.P.; Lozano, G.; Saliba, M.; Anguita, P.; Roose, B.; Abate, A.; Steiner, U.; Gratzel, M.; Calvo, M.E.; Hagfeldt, A.; Mígues, H.
Journal lf Materials Chemistry A, 4 (2016) 11214-11221

Influence of temperature and time on the Eu3+ reaction with synthetic Na-Mica-n (n=2 and 4)

Garcia-Jimenez, MJ; Cota, A; Osuna, FJ; Pavon, E; Alba, MD
Chemical Engineering Journal, 284 (2016) 1174-1183

Isotope labelling to study molecular fragmentation during the dielectric barrier discharge wet reforming of methane

Montoro-Damas, AM; Gomez-Ramirez, A; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR; Cotrino, J
Journal of Power Sources, 325 (2016) 501-505

Efficient bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells through disorder by design

Miranda-Munoz, JM; Carretero-Palacios, S; Jimenez-Solano, A; Li, YL; Lozano, G; Miguez, H
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (2016) 1953-1961

Stabilization of catalyst particles against sintering on oxide supports with high oxygen ion lability exemplified by Ir-catalyzed decomposition of N2O

Yentekakis, IV; Goula, G; Panagiotopoulou, P; Kampouri, S; Taylor, MJ; Kyriakou, G; Lambert, RM
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 192 (2016) 357-364

Laser Treatment of Nanoparticulated Metal Thin Films for Ceramic Tile Decoration

Rico, VJ; Lahoz, R; Rey-Garcia, F; Yubero, F; Espinos, JP; de la Fuente, GF; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR
Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (2016) 24880-24886

Forced deactivation and postmortem characterization of a metallic microchannel reactor employed for the preferential oxidation of CO (PROX)

Laguna, OH; Dominguez, MI; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Chemical Engineering Journal, 302 (2016) 650-662

Intensifying glycerol steam reforming on a monolith catalyst: A reaction kinetic model

Bobadilla, LF; Blay, V; Alvarez, A; Dominguez, MI; Romero-Sarria, F; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Chemical Engineering Journal, 306 (2016) 933–941

High temperature internal friction in a Ti-46Al-1Mo-0.2Si intermetallic, comparison with creep behaviour

Castillo-Rodriguez, M; No, ML; Jimenez, JA; Ruano, OA; Juan, JS
Acta Materialia, 103 (2016) 46-46

High-Throughput Fabrication of Resonant Metamaterials with Ultrasmall Coaxial Apertures via Atomic Layer Lithography

Yoo, D; Nguyen, NC; Martin-Moreno, L; Mohr, DA; Carretero-Palacios, S; Shaver, J; Peraire, J; Ebbesen, TW; Oh, SH
Nano Letters, 16 (2016) 2040-2046

WGS and CO-PrOx reactions using gold promoted copper-ceria catalysts: "Bulk CuO-CeO2 vs. CuO-CeO2/Al2O3 with low mixed oxide content"

Reina, TR; Ivanova, S; Laguna, OH; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 197 (2016) 62-72

Cascade charge separation mechanism by ternary heterostructured BiPO4/TiO2/g-C3N4 photocatalyst

Obregon, S; Zhang, YF; Colon, G
Applied Catalysis B: Enviromental, 184 (2016) 96-103

The Calcium-Looping technology for CO2 capture: On the important roles of energy integration and sorbent behavior

Perejon, A; Romeo, LM; Lara, Y; Lisbona, P; Martinez, A; Valverde, JM
Applied Energy, 162 (2016) 787-807

Three-Dimensional Optical Tomography and Correlated Elemental Analysis of Hybrid Perovskite Microstructures: An Insight into Defect-Related Lattice Distortion and Photoinduced Ion Migration

Galisteo-Lopez, JF; Li, YL; Miguez, H
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (2016) 5227-5234

Growth Assisted by Glancing Angle Deposition: A New Technique to Fabricate Highly Porous Anisotropic Thin Films

Sanchez-Valencia, JR; Longtin, R; Rossell, MD; Groning, P
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (2016) 8686-8693

Transparent polycrystalline SrREGa3O7 melilite ceramics: potential phosphors for tuneable solid state lighting

Boyer, M; Carrion, AJF; Ory, S; Becerro, AI; Villette, S; Eliseeva, SV; Petoud, S; Aballea, P; Matzen, G; Allix, M
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 15 (2016) 3238-3247

Electrocatalytic System for the Simultaneous Hydrogen Production and Storage from Methanol

Gonzalez-Cobos, J; Rico, VJ; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR; Valverde, JL; de Lucas-Consuegra, A
ACS Catalysis, 6 (2016) 1942-1951

Solution processed high refractive index contrast distributed Bragg reflectors

Anaya, M; Rubino, A; Calvo, ME; Miguez, H
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4 (2016) 4532-4537

The role of Au, Cu & CeO2 and their interactions for an enhanced WGS performance

Reina, TR; Ivanova, S; Centeno, MA; Odriozola, JA
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 187 (2016) 98-107

Optical sensing by integration of analyte-sensitive fluorophore to particles

Carrillo-Carrion, C; Escudero, A; Parak, WJ
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 84 (2016) 84-85

Unbroken Perovskite: Interplay of Morphology, Electro-optical Properties, and Ionic Movement

Correa-Baena, JP; Anaya, M; Lozano, G; Tress, W; Domanski, K; Saliba, M; Matsui, T; Jacobsson, TJ; Calvo, ME; Abate, A; Gratzel, M; Miguez, H; Hagfeldt, A
Advanced Materials, 28 (2016) 5031-5037

Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications of CVD Grown Niobium Oxide Thin Films

Fiz, Raquel; Appel, Linus; Gutierrez-Pardo, Antonio; Ramirez-Rico, Joaquin; Mathur, Sanjay
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (2016) 21423–21430

Synthesis, characterization and performance of robust poison resistant ultrathin film yttria stabilized zirconia nickel anodes for application in solid electrolyte fuel cells

Garcia-Garcia, FJ; Yubero, F; Espinos, JP; Gonzalez-Elipe, AR; Lambert, RM
Journal of Power Sources, 324 (2016) 679-686

High temperature oxidation resistance of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-based cermets

Chicardi, E; Cordoba, JM; Gotor, FJ
Corrosion Science, 102 (2016) 125-136

A Full Vacuum Approach for the Fabrication of Hybrid White-Light-Emitting Thin Films and Wide-Range In Situ Tunable Luminescent Microcavities (Advanced Optical Materials 7/2016)

Y. Oulad-Zian, J.R. Sánchez-Valencia, M. Oliva, J. Parra-Barranco, M. Alcaire, F.J. Aparicio, A. Mora-Boza, J.P. Espinós, F. Yubero, A.R. González-Elipe, A. Barranco, A. Borras
Advanced Optical Materials, 4 (2016) 1134

Colloidal crystals and water: Perspectives on liquid-solid nanoscale phenomena in wet particulate media

Gallego-Gomez, F; Morales-Florez, V; Morales, M; Blanco, A; Lopez, C
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 234 (2016) 142-160

Vacuum template synthesis of multifunctional nanotubes with tailored nanostructured walls

Filippin, AN; Macias-Montero, M; Saghi, Z; Idigoras, J; Burdet, P; Barranco, A; Midgley, P; Anta, JA; Borras, A
Scientific Reports, 5 (2016) 20637

Investigation of a Pt containing washcoat on SiC foam for hydrogen combustion applications

Fernandez, A; Arzac, GM; Vogt, UF; Hosoglu, F; Borgschulte, A; de Haro, MCJ; Montes, O; Zuttel, A
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 180 (2016) 336-343

Kinetics of high-temperature oxidation of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-based cermets

Chicardi, E; Cordoba, JM; Gotor, FJ
Corrosion Science, 102 (2016) 168-177

Manganese Dioxide Supported on Porous Biomorphic Carbons as Hybrid Materials for Energy Storage Devices

Gutierrez-Pardo, A; Lacroix, B; Martinez-Fernandez, J; Ramirez-Rico, J
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (2016) 30890-30898



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